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Posted by: Whistler 04:07 am EST 02/04/19
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She also toured in Sweet Charity.

I think I saw the show at the Fisher Theater in Detroit, but I can't remember exactly when in the 1970s or why I was in Detroit. Could have been between 1969 and '71 or between '76 and '78. Possibly even '80. Could have been Toledo, but I don't remember a touring house there. Just the burlesque. Don't ask.

A dark-haired, soap opera actor played opposite her, and I used to know his name -- John ? -- but it also eludes me at the moment. I believe he had Broadway credits.

The show was fine, if a bit lost -- as everything was -- in the huge Fisher Theater. Mostly, I remember a fork lift onstage, and I couldn't figure out why until I realized the packing case attached to it was used for the elevator in the elevator scene.

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