re: Why a shame?
Posted by: NewtonUK 11:58 am EST 02/04/19
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TBV is a terrific 'boutique' musical that some loved and some didn't - it was interesting how divided people's experiences were. I for one loved it - saw it once at Atlantic and three times on Broadway - so I could share it with friends. It recouped after about 45 weeks, and had run 69 weeks - with another 9 or so in its future. Summer is coming - and a raft of new musicals will be opening. The decision to close seems correct to me. People have seen it - it will now tour. IMHO, thats what Broadway shows are meant to be. The goal for a producer IMHO is not to have your show run 30 years. The goal is to recoup, make some profits, and move on to the next show, while letting TBV continue to grow and prosper in other ways than Broadway. I do give kudos to producers like Mr Wolf and Scott Rudin who let their shows have a good life, then move on to the next.

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