I disagree
Posted by: dramedy 12:13 pm EST 02/04/19
In reply to: re: Why a shame? - NewtonUK 11:58 am EST 02/04/19

Should Hamilton move on. It’s made a profit and ran several years. Bands visit has been around $500k a week which is probably around breakeven. With several plays waiting for May opening, i figured bands visit was probably going to close.

I think a long running show making a profit actually promotes new shows because investors can roll those profits into a new show. Making a small profit and closing probably doesn’t do that as much. How many shows did a chorus line investors put into other shows? Lloyd Webber tends to invest in his own shows and his revivals but has produced other shows like Bombay dreams. Macintosh has invested in a lot I’m sure from profits of les mis and other long running hits.

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