re: Harry Potter - seating thoughts?
Posted by: royscho 01:58 pm EST 02/04/19
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Saw it in London in the dress circle (row D center) and felt like it was too distant. Even though it's a spectacle, you have a lot of intimate moments. (I *think* that the dress circle in the Palace theatre in London is closer but higher to the stage vs. the mezzanine in the Lyric in New York. It certainly has a steeper rake in London.)

Saw it again in New York (with the original cast this time around,) in row G in the center of the orchestra and it was perfect. I really enjoyed the show a lot more this time around. The stage magic is more impressive and acting choices come through clearly.

My advice is to try and look for tickets 3-10 days in advance. Sometimes they release excellent (premium) seats at very reasonable prices. It's part of Sonia Friedman's commitment to make this production accessible to all people, at all levels of seating. I ended up paying $140 per ticket, per part, including all Ticketmaster fees.

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