Katrina Lenk on the Tonight Show
Posted by: ablankpage 01:16 pm EST 02/05/19

I'm always astounded by Katrina Lenk's performance of this song, and this paired down staging is no exception. Even small adjustments in her posture tell so much story and she manages the same emotional arc just standing at the microphone.

I'm so curious to see what's next for her. Her voice is far from a conventional Broadway sound, so I have trouble imagining her heading up a revival or belting her way through a modern pop-rock score. I'm assuming she's in her 40s, so breaking into film and TV at this point would be a real crapshoot. Her work in Indecent was gorgeous, so I think more plays are a safe bet. She's such a singular talent, I would hate to see her career fade. But in a way too, her talent seems limiting for the commercial Broadway stage.
Link A Performance from The Band's Visit: Omar Sharif

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