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You are right that the articles never stated they were the only two actors of color that would be cast. That was something that I surmised, and then took to be a fact. That acknowledged, there is also nothing in the articles about there being a plan to cast other roles with actors of color, which presumably would have been reported, especially in light of Miller's request, as reported in the Post, "that Mosher adopt a true 'colorblind' approach — meaning opening all the roles to actors of any color — (and) 'Mr. Mosher rejected that idea and chose to leave the production.'"

I would presume that if there had been other roles with PoC cast in them, this would have been noted in the reporting. You are right that we have not been given conclusive proof, but this theory would also jibe with the opening sentences of the Times story on the matter:

"The director Gregory Mosher found an actor he thought was perfect to play George Deever, one of the main characters in “All My Sons,” the Arthur Miller classic that is coming back to Broadway in the spring. Though the principal cast members in the original late-1940s production were white, this actor was black. Mr. Mosher went about trying to find a black actress to play his sister, Ann Deever."

As well as this statement from deeper in the Times story: "(Miller) said that she was in favor of casting more actors of color in the production and that she did not necessarily discount that the play could be performed with a black Deever family in the future." To me, that really does read as Mosher only wanted the one pairing, and nothing Mosher says in the article contradicts that.

It's also telling, in this context, that when Mosher was asked not to hire a black actress to play the sister, he immediately reverted back to the assumption that he had to cast a white actress, rather than finding a non-black actress of color to fill the role. Again, nothing conclusive, but it does suggest that he was really only interested in making a story work around this one black actor, rather than pursuing PoC actors for other roles throughout the production.

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