Liza's Back (Is Broken) starring Trevor Ashley last Monday at Sony Hall
Posted by: RufusRed 07:52 am EST 02/08/19

On an impulse I bought 2 tickets to this show after reading someone's post on here and the rave reviews from the British press. It was enjoyable and I suppose painless but I never received the "Liza fix" I was hoping for. The set list was pretty good featuring classic songs not associated with Liza which the very talented Mr. Ashley delivered with a strong voice, lots of energy all supported by the wonderful small orchestra backing him.

His interpretation of Liza is more of a "based on" than an impression in the tradition of Marilyn Michaels or Jim Bailey (who I saw do Judy in the mid '80's and which was remarkable). The humor was laced with shade as she dished all of the other divas claiming she turned down every role that they ended up with, which was the running theme/joke. She claimed she didn't get the Broadway show Cabaret because she didn't "blow Bob Fosse." Of course every self respecting theater queen knows Fosse wasn't associated with the show. She also proceeded to snort coke, drink and smoke on stage. At one point she slipped into Judy as she was singing the song Cabaret.

Though vocally he had aspects of her, one thing he couldn't fake is the dancing or even the posture during songs. Liza of course was a wonderful dancer with long beautiful lines. Mr. Ashley on the other hand is rather clunky with a square shaped body. Also with all of Liza's energy, she had a softness about her that he didn't possess. Another problem was the sound at Sony Hall. I couldn't always understand what he was saying. Still, what I did understand I found myself laughing along with, though perhaps not as boisterously as the largely Aussie crowd that came out to support fellow compatriot.

Do I wish I'd saved my money? Perhaps. Burger and 2 drinks cost me along with tip close to $80! Did anyone else attend?

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