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Posted by: Chazwaza 01:58 pm EST 02/08/19
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well I'm not sure you can take a basically star-less indie movie of Hello Again that had almost no promotion at all and compare it to what could happen if Lady Gaga starred in a movie of The Wild Party.

No obviously this would never happen, but a boy can dream. And if it DID happen I don't think the sales for Hello Again are any indicator at all. People seeing the movie of The Wild Party wouldn't be going because they know or care about LaChiusa's work, they'd go for Gaga or because, having seen ads for it (due to Gaga being in it and therefor it getting a marketing budget and even semi wide release) they think it looks good or intriguing or fun, or cause they wanna see a new musical and, again, actually know about this one cause Gaga made it possible to.
I also think in general, story and musically, TWP is much more exciting looking than Hello Again.

Again, I know it's incredibly unlikely anyone will ever make a movie of any LaChiusa musicals, but if they did The Wild Party is very cinematic, it's period, it's fun and crazy, it's dark and layered, and it filled to the brim with incredible parts.

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