Unbreakable by Andrew Lippa
Posted by: theaterisok 11:14 pm EST 02/08/19

I did not see it so I have no clue what’s going on during the live recording of Lippas new choral masterpiece, Unbreakable. But that is one hell of composition. With echoes of everything he’s ever written before it’s as if every flop he’s been involved with has held a clue to his real genius. From the thoughtful lyrics to the soaring melodies what an experience this must have been live. This SF Gay Mens Chorus event is preserved beautifully. It sounds as if there are hundreds and hundreds of men singing and in fact i believe there might be at least 100. I don’t know what is my favorite moment because the score just keeps building and building. Perhaps “41” is the most powerful on the recording for me- about the first 41 men diagnosed with HIV. Do yourself a favor and download this now off iTunes. I learned about it today from the Sound Advice column below. The link is there. Remember when Frank Rich wrote the animated film “Beauty and the Beast” was the best musical not on Broadway? Well, aside from “The Prom,” this is the second best musical not on Broadway this season. Wow!

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