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Posted by: Ann 07:42 am EST 02/09/19
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I've never seen this musical, so I can't compared to what it was before. I think it works with the focus on the one extended family, and does encompass the whole immigration situation of the time.

I was a bit disappointed in the score. I kept hearing Ragtime (one song sounds a lot like a song from Ragtime), though I know Ragtime came first. and Wicked (some of the musical lead-ins, and transitions, if that's what their called, and I know Schwartz didn't write the music). The songs are fine, solid.

It's cast well, which can be a problem with college productions, and the singing especially is very good. There is a very fine clarinetist for the solos from the orchestra.

I've seen two NYU productions now (such a deal for seniors). Neither had sets to speak of - do they never? Not a big deal, just asking.

But I guess I'm not a big fan of this musical, which is very - I guess earnest is the word. And I found the humor obvious, or not very clever. The characters seem a bit "stock."

I know a lot of people praise this show, so I wouldn't not recommend it, especially if you like to watch talented students do what they love.

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