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I saw the original "Rags" during previews and loved the score, Teresa Stratas and Judy Kuhn especially. Marcia Lewis was very good as well, but Larry Kert wasn't his usual great self unfortunately for some reason. I thought that the show tried to be too many things and to cover too much ground; it felt like it was kind of a sequel to "Fiddler on the Roof", but there were also elements of "Fiorello!" with the unions and the Triangle Waistcoat Fire in there, plus it also took on elements of the film "Hester Street" with the Americanized husband (Kert's character) being ashamed of and trying to get his wife to be more assimilated, if I recall correctly. Plus it didn't help that a sympathetic character dies off-stage in said Triangle fire soon after singing the big title song so forcefully. Stratas, who I recall overhearing some audience members being impressed with, but having no idea of her great operatic career, was just wonderful, her "Blame It on the Summer Night" especially memorable. The word at the time was that this show needed work, but "Me and My Girl" also previewing, was in great shape and going to be a big hit.

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