I do apologize for making a statement rather than voicing an opinion.
Posted by: Delvino 09:32 am EST 02/10/19
In reply to: Specifics and Generalizations - pierce 03:14 am EST 02/08/19

I raised the sub- or un-conscious source of the dance vocabulary. "Setting" is not the program/script local, but choreographic premise. Arrangement of performers. We can argue, and you can shame me for the observations, but whether Bennett set out to incorporate the elements or simply absorbed them from his encyclopedic knowledge of musical theater tropes and traditions is irrelevant. I stand by my observations, but apologize -- sincerely -- if my theater board shorthanded absolutism -- making statements rather than suppositions -- was incorrect. On that point, and I admit it's an important one, we fully agree. Gratitude. A good discussion, this one, nonetheless.

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