Yondr at FLS
Posted by: stagedoorlarry 12:52 pm EST 02/10/19

I attended FLS last night at Greenwich Theatre where Yondr is used. It worked wonderfully - everyone deposited their phone in a pouch upon entering the theatre, people actually talked to each other while waiting for the show to start, no phones went off during the performance, no annoying cell phone screens lit up to distract audience members, everyone's phone was released from the pouch as they exited the theatre. This required staff effort and the cost of the pouches. My question is why is this not being used at every Broadway and off-Broadway theatre? Is it a cost issue? Of course there are a few people who may not be comfortable with this - physicians on call, people with sick family members, etc... but going to the theatre is not a requirement and there are many more audience members and performers whose time at the theatre is ruined by cell phones. I hope it is just a matter of time and that we soon see this widely being used in NYC and elsewhere. Given currrent prices and profits on Broadway, the cost could not be the barrier. Curious to know what others think.

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