re: Hamilton Songs at Auditions
Posted by: kess0078 07:54 pm EST 02/10/19
In reply to: Hamilton Songs at Auditions - DCollingwood 02:28 pm EST 02/10/19

If you’re a professional musical theatre performer auditioning for gigs (Equity or non) in a major US city - I’m gonna say “no.”

There are PLENTY of songs in the musical theatre canon to choose from, why put yourself in the position where a director/ casting director might be offput by your song choice? I think if you have to ask if it’s appropriate, you’re already aware that there might be some sensitivity on the subject. There’s no telling what the people behind the table might think, so why chance it? Do some digging and find another song that suits your voice.

Also - I think the heavily rhythmic, pop/ hip hop nature of the music might not lend itself to the setting of a “piano only” accompaniment in an audition room.

If you’re an “amateur” (or aspiring professional!) auditioning for community/ educational theatre - It’s probably a safer environment to sing from “Hamilton.”

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