Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse double-bill this week
Last Edit: Ann 11:38 pm EST 02/10/19
Posted by: Ann 11:36 pm EST 02/10/19

With the legendary hit "Call Me Madam" at City Center and the Pulitzer Prize winning "State of the Union" down at Metropolitan Playhouse, the team's interest in writing about politics was/is on display.

That great score and Encores' (Encores!'s?) strengths of big orchestra and fun dancing carry the day (and gorgeous costumes, especially for Carmen Cusack, who looks gorgeous in each one), and the little Playhouse's capable cast bring the relevance and some datedness to light in a classic three-act (one intermission here) play. "Call Me Madam" winks at the audience for a reaction, while "State of the Union" plays it straight. Two rarely produced gems, but one is much easier on the wallet.

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