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"if a team of contemporary writers took on this basic story and basic characters, "

they could write a new show. Hopefully hire a great composer or lyricist too. "Call Me Madam" is what its famous bookwriters wrote. Why disrespect them and re-write it? It's been done with other things like "Flower Drum Song", and didn't go over well. Btw, the libretto, as written, by the Spewacks for "Kiss Me, Kate" is perfectly fine and doesn't need to be messed with. The tv commercials and print ads looks a little goofy. Besides, Lili isn't a supporting player getting her understudy chance; she's the famous movie star and co-star of the show with Fred Graham.

"Schmooze" is a bit of writing to take into account that a large portion of the audience, especially back then, were New Yorkers, also implying some Jewish members. New Yorkers know pastrami, delicatessen, bagels, goniffs (Nebraskan Johnny Carson used to name his attorneys Goniff and Goniff), among other things, and you don't have to be Jewish to be familiar with the terms. They actually have "character" and are kind of fun to say. Irving Berlin, like Neil Simon later on, would sometimes include a Yiddish word or expression as a bit of a wink. This show was in 1950, actually 5 years after the end of WWII, and while it is true the writers and Berlin are glossing over recent European history, in a way it's kind of good for an American character of a recently victorious country fighting facism, who is otherwise sometimes prone to make mistakes of protocol, to say a Yiddish word as if to say "your continent couldn't get rid of all the people who used this language. Good!"

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