Lear Tickets, theater changed, help!
Posted by: Showtunegal 02:30 pm EST 03/05/19

It's embarrassing to post this, but I need help. I bought tickets for Lear at the Golden Box office months ago. Now I see that theater has changed to the Cort. (I know I missed this news eons ago). I assume I go to the Golden Box office (I'm actually in the broadway district rarely, of course this is one of the rare times I went to the box office to get tickets) to get a refund, and then buy brand new tickets, way less good, at the Cort? I'm wondering if my old tickets can be leveraged in any way for the same seats in a different theater, though I assume not, and I'm wondering if there's a way to get a refund at the golden without going back to the box office. thank you, my smart theater going friends.

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