re: I saw The Cake. So did I, and I agree.
Posted by: Showtunegal 02:59 pm EST 03/05/19
In reply to: I saw The Cake. - GabbyGerard 02:01 pm EST 03/05/19

I agree with you wholeheartedly! With one caveat I suppose. I couldn't tell if the young lesbians were badly drawn, or if the acting was just poor--especially Anderson, who I thought was terrible. It would be a more interesting play (but still, not a terrifically interesting one) if the younger couple were believable--if I genuinely thought they were deeply in love and wanted to spend their lives together.

It is so worth the play just to watch Debra Jo Rupp, though--what a performance! And I was starving for cake the whole time, because, as you said, I'd like to live in that set.

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