How does something as underdeveloped as SUPERHERO get produced on that level?
Posted by: Pashacar 10:03 am EST 03/07/19

Serious question; I don't know the mechanics here. Saw Superhero last night, and the critics were right; it's a complete mess on every level other than design. It's the first show in a while where I felt like I fully wasted the 2 hours.

*But* it got me thinking about how something that feels like it was thrown together in a day makes it to a stage as big as Second Stage, without enough text edits to make it even passable. Are these shows bought sight-unseen by the theatres because of the creative teams' pedigrees? Or is there another process?

There have been quite a few awful shows of late on similar stages, also with creative teams who've had big successes -- and happen to be white men (This Ain't No Disco, Alice By Heart). Yet I'd imagine part of the producing process at a theatre like that is developing the book and songs; or when you're "big" enough, do you have all the say?

Any insight would be appreciated.

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