Tickets for the spring I should buy way in advance?
Posted by: mikem 01:21 pm EST 03/07/19

As some others have mentioned, I've started buying tickets closer to the actual performance date except for the big hits, for which tickets will be scarce and expensive at the last minute. This season on Broadway so far, To Kill a Mockingbird has been the toughest ticket, with Network also difficult. I waited way too long to get a Mockingbird ticket and don't want to make that mistake again.

There are 14 Broadway shows still to open this season, listed below. Are there any that people think will be tough tickets before the Tonys?
They are

Be More Chill
Kiss Me Kate
Ain't Too Proud
King Lear
What the Constitution Means to Me
Burn This
Hillary and Clinton
All My Sons

I thought King Lear might be, but the early buzz is so mixed that I don't think that will happen. I guess we'll find out about Gary soon enough (first preview this weekend). The big question mark is All My Sons, which could be great or could be so-so. Burn This is also a question mark, but I'm not sure Adam Driver and Keri Russell are leading to sell-outs unless the reviews are phenomenal. The others have all opened elsewhere, and I don't think they are likely to be sellouts before the Tonys based on their prior reception.

Any thoughts? And any spring must-sees off-Broadway?

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