National Tour of THE ILLUSIONISTS - LIVE FROM BROADWAY at Emerson Colonial Theatre
Posted by: ngtapfrog 01:31 pm EST 03/07/19

THE ILLUSIONISTS - LIVE FROM BROADWAY can make you forget your troubles and get happy for a couple of hours. From start to finish, the six-member team of multi-talented performers takes turns completing stunning works of prestidigitation, illusion, and daring, mixed with charm, comedy, and extraordinary lighting and sound effects. THE ILLUSIONISTS has been on Broadway and traveling around the world for nearly a decade, so it is a finely-tuned machine that knows how to capture and hold an audience. The National Tour cast gracing the stage of the Emerson Colonial Theatre consists of Colin Cloud (The Deductionist), Raymond Crowe (The Unusualist), Paul Dabek (The Trickster), Jonathan Goodwin (The Daredevil), An Ha Lim (The Manipulator), and Sabine Van Diemen (The Sorceress), with a quartet of Magician’s Assistants (Alison Karoly, Ashleigh McCready, Nick Raiano, Jesus Sepulveda Maldonado) whose athleticism and dance skills add some extra flair to the already hefty entertainment value. Performances through March 10th.

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