"To Kill a Mockingbird" running time--not a question
Posted by: broadwaybacker 08:37 am EST 03/08/19

Last night the curtain rose at 7:04 PM (a few minutes early by Broadway standards) and it fell at 9:52 PM. Curtain calls ended two minutes later. The announced running time (even according to a Playbill insert) is 2:35. But from curtain to curtain it was 2:48. That's not a minor discrepancy. Has the play gotten longer since it's opened?

The play, I thought, was brilliant. Riveting, filled with great performances. It's one of those plays you see during the course of your life that will stay with you. I think it's a lock to win the Best Play Tony, and the race between Daniels and Cranston for Best Actor will be interesting. I'll enjoy reading the "should win will win" articles.

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