Mean Girls last night (spoilers)
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So I finally got around to seeing Mean Girls, and I was fortunate to see the full cast last night. The show was a lot of fun, but I wish some elements had been aimed at a higher level. I wish the score had been more memorable. I wish the choreography had been less "busy" and more compelling. I really don't like projections as the core of the set, although these were done well.

I think the show also brings up serious topics but only gets to their surface and then shies away. I think the show would have been a lot more interesting if there were more characters like Ashley Park's Gretchen, who is funny but has serious, major issues with low self-esteem. This is Park's last week, and I'm glad I saw her. She brings an undercurrent of desperation, and she turns her featured role into the most interesting person out there. And of course, she has a great voice.

Standout actors for me were Taylor Lauderman, Jennifer Simard (who replaced Kerry Butler) and Park. Kate Rockwell is great in a one-note character, but it is a little weird that one of Regina's sidekicks is cardboard and one is complex. I liked having the same actress play the 3 different main adult female roles.

All in all, a fun evening, with a very professionally presented show that doesn't quite get to the next level. I can see why it tied for the most Tony nominations last year, and also why it didn't win any. But there are a lot of laughs, and I think you'll enjoy it if you go in with the right set of expectations.

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