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I was trying to imply that it showed an appreciation of the fact that audiences attending Broadway shows today are (or SHOULD be, and yes, sometimes they're not or might simply forget) knowledgeable enough to turn off their phone or unwrap their candy before the start of the show.

But indeed, exactly who are these "audiences attending Broadway shows"?? Most likely only a percentage of those patrons are regular/knowledgeable theatregoers - others may not know the protocols at all. Or they don't think about it unless they're reminded.

While I agree that the pre-show announcements are not necessarily for US (i.e. people who hang out on theatre chat boards lol), and I'd be happy not to have them, I think they do help for others, and/or, as you intimated, they may remind us to check our phones one last time, etc.

I also appreciate when it's done in a creative or entertaining way. The opening scrim design at The Band's Visit, or the preshow cellphone bit in the Once On This Island revival. Or the pidgin Italian announcement at The Light In The Piazza.

Much more trying and annoying to me, no matter how necessary it is deemed, are the pre-curtain stand-up routines that have become a de facto part of regional theatre (at least in Boston), which involve not only "turn off your cellphones" etc, but are also designed to sell the rest of the theatre's season and hawk other promotional stuff. Again, I get the "why" of it, but the "how" can really get tedious. I know it's not going to stop anytime soon, but oh, how I wish it would.

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