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Posted by: broadwaybacker 05:00 pm EST 03/08/19
In reply to: re: Intermission? - Chromolume 03:02 pm EST 03/08/19

"But indeed, exactly who are these "audiences attending Broadway shows"?? Most likely only a percentage of those patrons are regular/knowledgeable theatregoers - others may not know the protocols at all. Or they don't think about it unless they're reminded."

OK, this is getting much more air time then I intended it to get. I guess I posted something about it because it was such an exception to the general rule.

I do assume, though, that everyone who goes to see any show or movie anywhere is aware of the need to shut off their phones, not to say that everyone does (and yes, even the more sophisticated among us might well forget). It was just so unusual NOT to get the announcement which is what I thought made it "newsworthy", so to speak.

And yes, I also appreciate it when it's done cleverly and in keeping with the particular theme of a show.

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