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Scene: the Scottish Highlands. A sleepy Mr. Lundie escorts Tommy into the mist while the chorus sings the title tune. Jeff sighs, and turns in the other direction.

Scene: a rustic inn in the Highlands. A worried landlady watches Jeff eating his oatmeal, his suitcase at his side. Someone knocks at the door; the landlady opens it, Two men enter. They have an air of authority. The landlady points at Jeff.

D.I. John Orr: Mr. Jeffrey Douglas?
Jeff: That's me.
D.I. Orr: I'm D.I. John Orr of the Glenelg Constabulary, and this is D.S. MacLellan.
Jeff: The cops, huh? Did someone rustle one of your fuzzy cows?
D.I. Orr: We've got a few questions we'd like to ask you.
Jeff: Hey, I got to get the morning bus to Glasgow so's I can catch my plane tonight, so can we speed this up a wee bit, as you laddies so quaintly put it.
D.I. Orr: You checked in with Mrs. Walker here yesterday. With one Thomas Albright of New York. The two of you went for a hike. You returned at supper. Mr. Douglas, could you be telling us where Mr. Albright is now?

A clatter as Jeff drops his spoon in the oatmeal.


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