Posted by: hugoP 10:54 pm EST 03/08/19

Got to see that wonderful documentary about industrial musicals tonight. BATHTUBS OVER BROADWAY is popping up all over the country at film festivals, indie cinema screenings, etc, and it's totally worth seeing. Tonight saw it screened at a small church in Atlanta, being used as a venue for showing indie films touring the South. Steve Young is the film's protagonist--a former Letterman writer who discovered vinyl from a bunch of industrials and went in search of more info, film, performers, recordings-- and the film really is about his journey. Young was at the screening tonight and was very generous and patient in answering tons of questions from a very appreciative audience.

As a teenager going to Broadway shows as much as I could during the 70s, I often saw industrials listed in Playbill bios. I had no idea what they were and was always curious about them. This films answers a lot of that and catches up with people who wrote them, performed them and appreciated them. Young is a great guide to the whole thing and has a fantastic take on the whole forgotten enterprise. I hope someone works with him to build a musical about this-- the story is hilarious, tuneful, a bit dazzling and very, very moving. I just loved it.

Young says the movie is still making its way around the country (there's a helpful facebook page if you want to track where it's headed) and it seems destined to hit a major streaming service-- esp now that it won one of the major WGA Awards a few weeks ago.

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