re: Inbreeding
Posted by: AlanScott 11:47 am EST 03/09/19
In reply to: re: Inbreeding - stevemr 09:50 am EST 03/09/19

You beat me to it, although I'm glad you got there first because I was going to write 27 million. Which would have been wrong.

Of course, this is presuming that no one in Brigadoon is currently pregnant. :)

Anyway, even at 27,000, there's some possibility that the earth wouldn't even exist any longer. I do sometimes wonder if Brigadoon might have the misfortune to come back on some day when an atomic bomb is dropped on Scotland. That would not be good. Really, this one day every 100 years thing was a very bad idea.

And will God remember to make sure that no housing developments or factories are built where Brigadoon is/was?

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