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It may be that posters are overthinking a tale meant as a parable: a man of a deeply spiritual nature that he scarcely
comprehends himself stumbles upon something that both reveals that he has a problem and offers a solution
to it.

The specifics of the story are really neither here nor there, because instead of Brigadoon he might have found the
church, or a cult of some kind, or bowling, or one of those obsessive hobbies like mountain climbing.

The point is that he has, as they used to put it, "found himself." It's probably an autobiographical story from
AJL, who was so busy searching for he didn't know what that he ended up marrying far too many times, and
suddenly taking off for vacations in the middle of work, and getting hooked on feel-good drug candies.

As for the show itself, it has been so fiddled with in the movie and various stagings that we no longer know
what it was like originally. When the City Center used to put on replica revivals of shows in the 1950s and
1960s, Brigadoon could still be seen in its proper form, and in my opinion it played beautifully. Others may
disagree; that's their right. But I think it's one of the great shows if only because of its score and the
bizarrely interesting story beneath the story. And it gives wonderful opportunities to the performers.
Sally Anne Howes got a Tony nomination (I think) for her Fiona in one of those City Center showings.

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