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Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 01:27 pm EST 03/09/19
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"I suspect that when the village reappears in 2047, many of the inhabitants will want to leave, especially those under the age of 40 Brigadoon years. They will have had a full 3 (very long) days to ponder their future and realize it's pretty bleak. It would probably make sense for the entire village to pack up and get out. The way things are going with climate change if they wait another day, the Scottish highlands may be completely uninhabitable by 2147."

You may be partly joking, but that's an excellent point. I suppose everyone in the village could decide to leave en masse in 2047, and from then on, they would go back to living life in real time. According to the "rules" of the miracle, as I understand them, anyone who wanted to stay in the village would also have to leave regardless, because if they DO stay, that night they will disappear forever along with the entire village and anyone else who wishes to stay.

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