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Posted by: Chromolume 11:47 pm EDT 03/10/19
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Also, no real surprise that Fred's response after the song has been shorn of its original "why, there's a wench." ;-)

Two thoughts on all this - one, in reality, KATE sings this song, not Lilli, even though we're assuming a parallel. But really, isn't Lilli's gesture of returning to the show enough to make HER point? A professional actress would have played the scene as written - so are we then to assume that the lyrics to the song in its show-within-a-show context were ALREADY changed? (I know, I'm overthinking, but as we were just talking about shows like Brigadoon having too many leaps of faith, lol...)

Two - which I suppose helps to answer the above - Fred does have that line in the opening scene thanking (and I paraphrase) "all those fellows staying up all night rewriting Shakespeare." So I guess they rewrote Kate's last speech too? ;-)

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