Were the negative reviews a shock? Not here, but to the creative team?
Posted by: Delvino 09:23 am EDT 03/11/19
In reply to: Ben on Be More Chill - broadwaybacker 10:27 pm EDT 03/10/19

After Brantley, I skimmed the others. With a few exceptions (I believe NY Magazine one), they are indeed downbeat. I have not followed earlier iterations of this show beyond title recognition and a few posts, the subject matter off my radar. Was there widespread belief that this show might pull something closer to, say, a "Sponge Bob"? "SB" invited snickers in advance and then no small amount of wonder and appreciation, including from Brantley. Curious about the space between expectation and Monday morning let-down. I saw a dispirited Roland on Twitter this morning.

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