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Posted by: NewtonUK 09:45 am EDT 03/11/19
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Sorry you had this experience. I dont work for the SHuberts, but have had the pleasure of doing several shows in Shubert houses, and have good relationships with the security guys who worked those shows. As I walk up and down the Broadway streets, I always stop and chat with them, and they're great.

I've also had some great experiences with IATSE folk on my shows. Which doesnt wipe out the memory of the IATSE guy at either the Music Box or the Wilson - memory fails me. I picked up my tickets for an evening show, left the box office, and turned West towards 8th avenue.
Right as I was passing the stage door it flew open, banging hard into me. It was a stage hand going out to get a bite or whatever. He looked at me - scowled - and said 'There;s a door here. Watch where you're going'

I reported this incident to the house manager, and described the jacket the guy was wearing - the HM knew immediately who its was - rolled his eyes - and said he'd let the GMs know.

THere are always bad apples.

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