re: Ben on Be More Chill
Posted by: Seth Christenfeld (tabula-rasa@verizon.net) 01:51 pm EDT 03/11/19
In reply to: Ben on Be More Chill - broadwaybacker 10:27 pm EDT 03/10/19

Interestingly, there's a VERY sharp divide here--the younger critics (Holdren, Windman, Zacharay Stewart at TheaterMania) were all positive, while the strongly negative reviews came from the older critics (Brantley, Marks, Jones). (I don't know where A.D. Amorosi at Variety (who liked it) and Jessica Derschowitz at EW (who didn't) fall.)

I haven't seen it since Red Bank and can't weigh in myself, but I can spot a pattern.

Seth, seeing it next month

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