Interesting, a new regional production, a short run, of Be More Chill has just been announced for next month
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Posted by: Ann 05:07 pm EDT 03/11/19

... maybe there are others.

From a press release:

For their 12th annual collaboration, Playhouse Square and Baldwin Wallace University come together to present the regional premiere of a show currently wowing audiences on Broadway, Be More Chill, in Playhouse Square's Allen Theatre. Performances will be held Friday, April 5, through Sunday, April 7. All tickets are $25 and are available by calling 216-241-6000 or by visiting playhousesquare.org.

This is in Cleveland and I don't think it should be considered "the regional premiere," maybe "the post-Broadway opening regional premiere." I know it's been selling well so far, but is the Broadway production there to spur future productions (which I think would happen anyway, after the previous success)?

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