Finally caught up with ORIGINAL CAST ALBUM: CO-OP
Posted by: hugoP 11:21 pm EDT 03/11/19

Given that the COMPANY recording session documentary is one of my all-time favorite things, I was apprehensive about watching the DOCUMENTARY NOW! send-up on IFC. Finally watched it tonight and thoroughly enjoyed it. While the parody songs take on a full range of Broadway (half of them aren't very Sondheim-esque at all), I loved each and every one of them. It's affectionate and knowing and silly and fun. John Mulaney, who I've only recently discovered via SNL, is a brilliant Sondheim stand-in. The rest of the cast is perfection...as is the art direction, music direction, etc etc. All around beautiful, loving, funny work. And Richard Kind is a different brand of brilliant. I appreciate every one of them, and I really appreciated this short, sharp tribute/parody.

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