re: I enjoyed it.
Posted by: Carol2 08:58 am EDT 03/12/19
In reply to: I enjoyed it. - HadriansMall 01:54 am EDT 03/12/19

I recommend it. It is loads of humor, the music is upbeat, the dancing is energetic and fun to watch, and the story has meaning.

Although as HadriansMall says it may not be groundbreaking, it does break from the standard formula and that's one of the reasons I love it. (Very slight spoilers here:) The story doesn't follow 1 protagonist from the beginning who comes out and sings his/her I Want song and then the rest of the show is about resolving that quest. The Broadway performer group that opens the show is a kind of group protagonist and they are the ones who seem to have the greatest transformation through the show. The girl in Indiana they are trying to help also has her arc. The two story movements intertwine in a delightful way.

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