Probably the most divided show on Broadway right now.
Posted by: borneback 09:38 am EDT 03/12/19
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I know that lots of people have fallen in love with this show. But most of my friends (and I) had a very negative reaction to it. I think it's just not our kind of show.

It's not that it's low quality; it is just sloppy. Casey Nicolaw has recreated his staging from Mean Girls, even with the faux hip hop thing, which is totally out of place in a show that takes place in rural Indiana. Also, the show has nearly the same physical set as Mean Girls (minus the digital wall). And it didn't make sense at points. Like...the kids in the school were completely multicultural and accepting of other races but they hated the one lesbian girl with a passion? And this charming sweet girl literally did not have a single friend in the whole school? But honestly, the thing that got me the worst was the overacting and complete mugging by the two leads. I have been told this has been reined in since the early preview I saw, but there was not a light touch anywhere in the show (except by Angie Schworer, who was a highlight).

All that being said, get yourself a $40 TDF ticket and report back. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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