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Posted by: borneback 11:11 am EDT 03/12/19
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I think that is where we differ. I certainly would not call this show smartly written. I would love to hear more of your opinion, though.

Here's my thoughts...First, there were major plot holes. For example (again), it made absolutely no sense that, in this school where every race of student was accepted (and where interracial couples were ), the one lesbian girl was completely ostracized. It made no sense to play the parents like they were from a community theater production of Footloose. it was so cartoony. It made no sense that the lesbian student had zero friends in this school. (We all know she would have had some theater friends in real life). And second, the broadway types are written and played SO broadly that it is impossible to take any of it seriously. Finally, this show had a personality disorder where it couldn't decide whether it wanted to be camp or earnest. One second, Brooks is queening out and jumping on beds about attending the prom. The next, he is having a heartfelt scene about acceptance by his parents. The old lady say next to me said after the Chris Sieber bible number, "What in god's name is this show trying to tell us right now." I agreed.

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