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Speaking anecdotally, I was involved in a production on a MUCH smaller scale than King King. We capitalized, opened, got mixed reviews, and the team (GM, ad agency, etc.) suggested we post closing immediately based on the reviews and advance. The investors said they would like to make a go of it and were happy to supplement weekly expenses by using the reserve we had included in the capitalization. Why? They loved the project, they wanted people to see what they helped create, they believed in the writer and creative team. And I suppose most of all, they earmarked this money (the reserve) to be spent on the show. They were more interested in spending that money (and could afford to) to extend the life of the show than closing immediately in order to get the reserve back. I am sure you already know this, but oftentimes the people investing in shows are passionate about the theatre, very rich, and they know they might as well be putting the money in a suitcase and throwing it off a bridge, considering the odds of having a "hit". These people want their Broadway "experience", they don't want to close after a few weeks.

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