re: The dumbing down of Broadway
Posted by: Ncassidine 11:17 am EDT 03/12/19
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I think the reaction a lot of people have is because yes, it does seem to be two different shows in the same musical.

But as to your points about Emma, there are lots of queer kids who are isolated and ostracized. Emma does seem to have friends (including her girlfriend, and there's a discussion that a bunch of the girls were friends with her until she came out). Accepting interracial couples doesn't mean that you accept LGBTQ folks. There was an article on the blogs yesterday about a school in Mississippi that is mandating that each student take an opposite-gender partner to the prom. It does keep happening.

The reason I like The Prom so much is that I do think they could have written either musical; one that was completely satire or one that was more straightforward. I found it interesting and ambitious that they tried to do both. Is it completely successful? Nope. But it showed effort, which not every show does.

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