re: The dumbing down of Broadway
Posted by: yoostabemyjob 11:57 am EDT 03/12/19
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I don't know about the dumbing down of Broadway but I do know this, as a 55 year old gay person who was constantly told that they were an embarrassment to their family, if there had been a show like this when I was in high school, I believe my life would have been totally different. Perhaps I'm a special case, but I cried during a lot of the show while other people were laughing, not because I was sad, but with tears of recognition. I loved it and I'm so glad it exists. To me it was fun, funny, self-aware and important. Even though I'm 100 percent out and have been since I was in college, I carry around those negative comments from my family in my heart and in my gut. I don't want to, but they're there. When I saw The Prom, I felt them disappear for a night and it was wonderful.

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