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The story about WIsh You Were Here was that Logan actually bowed out as the original director--the show opened at the Imperial to bad reviews---the producers asked Logan to take a look at the second performance and suggest changes. At that point, Logan told them
that if they wished, he would take over the show and supervise changes, while the show was running. And that is what happened---apparently there were a lot of rewrites and restaging during the next few weeks, and when the changes went in, the show caught on.
I actually saw it as a child---it was a little above my head, but I remember the swimming pool scene which ended the first act. At the time (early fifties) single men and women not married out of college would go to the "adult resorts" in the catskills, looking for mates.
The music captures that "innocence'. I saw it around 2000 when it was part of the Mufti series. Very much of its time, but still enjoyable.

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