re: Frank's private tragedy
Posted by: EvFoDr 09:53 am EDT 03/13/19
In reply to: Frank's private tragedy - peter3053 11:10 pm EDT 03/12/19

I really like what you said about Frank's melodies. I was pondering yesterday if we are supposed to think Frank is musically limited or if it was just Sondheim unifying the score/character. It's probably a little of both. But I'd argue that it is less a point of making him seem limited. I say this because I don't believe most people, on one viewing without repeated listening to a recording, "get" all off the repetitions. I think people notice that Good Thing Going and Who Wants To Live in New York are the same--since much of Opening Doors is concerned with him "writing" this song. But it's not as consciously obvious that Hills and Bobby and Jackie and Jack are also this song. And of course, Hills is gone now.

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