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Posted by: AlanScott 01:17 am EDT 03/15/19
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What do we hear about Take a Left that could make us decide one way or the other about whether it's going to be good? It seems to me that we learn nothing about it except that it's about Senate pages. Btw, in the original version, we learn nothing at all about the show that Charley and Frank originally wanted to do and that Charley keeps trying to get back to, not even a title.

The excerpt from Musical Husbands is just "Good Thing Going" with a recitative-like section preceding it, and in the revised version of the show everything else we hear is just "Good Thing Going" faster and with different lyrics, except for "Bobby and Jackie and Jack," a number that's more about the lyrics than about the music (although the music does effectively support the lyrics). So, again, it seems to me that we hear way too little of Frank's music to even come close to being able to assess his talent. Do you think you can assess his talent from so little? If so, you have a lot more confidence in your ability to assess someone's talent as a composer than I have in my ability to do that.

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