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Posted by: hugoP 11:56 pm EDT 03/15/19
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I completely agree! While I loved many aspects of THE PROM-- it's easily the funniest new musical I have seen since BOOK OF MORMOM-- I was really bothered by the strange portrayal of the townspeople and the multiple incongruities inside the plot (Emma is clearly adept at social media yet has no indication that there are other LGBTQ people out there...yes, even in Indiana. And she somehow manages to miss a plot point that would have been plastered all over social media). Not only were the high schoolers more joyously multicultural than any I have ever seen as a parent of now-college-aged kids, they looked a decade too old to be in high school.

I like the suggestion of just setting the show in 1995-- pre-social media, when the internet was primarily text-driven and it was really harder to connect with others like you or find out every little thing that was happening. Most of the costuming of the adults feels like the early 1990s anyway. When I saw the show in Atlanta there was considerable confusion about when it was set (the group I was with insisted it was set 'in the '80s until I pointed out the laptop, social media and iPhone references). Some of that seemed to be cleared up in the Broadway production.

Anyway, I'm rooting for the show despite some of my misgivings. I think the four Broadway leads are tremendous and I hope they all get nominated for Tony Awards. And I do greatly appreciate that many of my friends have loved the show and feel it represented them on a more profound level. That doesn't happen a lot in today's culture, so I'm happy when it does.

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