A few random impressions
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...while they're still fresh in my mind.

One improvement over the last few years - no Rachel Bloom doing her annoyingly chirpy overcaffeinated segues into the commercial breaks. Now, I admit that the voiceovers and the weird "hanging out at the callboard" thing was frankly not much of an improvement - but I'd rather have that. (The voiceover actress also made a few odd gaffes - calling the Temptations show Ain't Too Proud TO BEG and introducing KIRsten Chenoweth.)

I had mentioned in another post that I loved Cynthia Erivo and that lovely arrangement of "Can You Feel The Love" - very classy. But oh, why can't they keep the camera shot still?

Also mentioned earlier - I really loved that Elaine May and Andre deShields were awarded tonight. Such a wonderful theatrical legacy in there. And though I don't really like The Boys In The Band as a play, I appreciated what Mart Crowley said about the courage of the original cast. Another important legacy.

I'm not yet familiar with most of the score of Tootsie, but have always been a big fan of Yazbek's writing. It hurts to say that tonight I finally have heard a Yazbek song I don't like. I also didn't like that staging. In particular, I didn't understand who that generic chorus of people were meant to be. And aside from a very few of the show references on the signs and the marquees, I thought it was all very mediocre.

Really liked "Too Darn Hot" - would have loved to have heard more singing, but I understand them wanting to showcase the dance instead. I am very glad that the arrangement now sounds like "Too Darn Hot" again, after the 1999 revival's very odd musical excursion into West Side Story.

The number from Beetlejuice was much more fun, and much better crafted, than I expected it to be. But oddly enough, I kept thinking about Alex Brightman eventually doing the D'ysquiths in a revival of Gentleman's Guide. Must have been the "death" theme in the song. ;-)

My essential take on The Prom, especially with tonight's performance in mind, is that it's a weak retread of Hairspray with different but similar themes. Except that Shaiman and Wittman might have written a better score.

Ain't Too Proud had a very theme park/cruise ship feel to it. I much preferred the use of song in Choir Boy, where you actually got the sense that they were singing for a dramatic reason, not just to reproduce familiar music for nostalgia purposes - which is all I got from Ain't Too Proud.

Most of Corden's schtick throughout the night was distracting and really unnecessary. However, I did think the rewrite of "Michael In The Bathroom" was very very funny. Except that "Ja-ames in the bathroom" is awful scansion - the kind of thing that amateur parody writers would do.)

I was intrigued by McCraney's talk about the gay element (he used the "q" word, which I despise) in spirituals - I've never really understood that was part of the legacy. And I loved the Choir Boy excerpt, even though I'm sure it makes much more sense in context. But - why wasn't McCraney's speech not also the intro to the performance? Seemed very weird to have someone else introduce the cast after he was done.

As I mentioned earlier - the Cher number was just f-ing bizarre. I'm happy for Block's win, but I hated what sounded like a very bad Cher impression. And what was with the Chippendale dancers?

More later, I'm sure...

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