The "Ain't Too Proud" Tony number
Posted by: broadwaybacker 09:54 am EDT 06/10/19

The reaction to the number here was meh, at best. Interestingly, the reaction on the other board was almost uniformly positive. Samples: "Great energy from Ain't Too Proud." "Good opening number. AIN"T TOO PROUD just sold some tickets." "That performance was incredible. Ain't Too Proud just sold a hell of a lot of tickets." ""Ain't Too Proud" just sold a boat load of tickets!"

So I'm left to wonder why the number was perceived very differently. Do you think it's more a matter of age, in that ATC clearly skews a lot older, or more that ATC posters might be more discriminating? And. of course, there's probably an overlap of both of the above.

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