"Too Darn Hot" - some questions
Posted by: dbg 10:28 am EDT 06/10/19

I have not seen the current revival of Kiss Me, Kate, but I thought "Too Darn Hot" was a good choice to represent the show, since it was so energetic and incredibly well performed by Corbin Bleu and the rest of the dancers. However, it didn't make a lot of sense to me. If it is done during the intermission of the show within the show, The Taming of the Shrew, would the men and women all have taken off their costumes to go outside and then have to get dressed again a few minutes later for Act II of their show? There was very little indication that it was 98 degrees in that alley. Wouldn't the actors be perspiring or fanning themselves to show how hot it was? Some of the men did wave some towels, but they weren't used to dry off. The cast itself was certainly hot-looking, but they didn't look they were suffering from the heat.

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