So 'Proud' of Sergio Trujillo's Tony win for Choreography and taking pride in 'Boys in the Band'
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If you want to see one of the most joyous and emotional Tony speeches from last night, check out Sergio Trujillo's (at Tonys.org or YouTube).

He's beaming and bursting at the seams, bouncing onto the stage. I'm so thrilled for him, having been a fan of his work since ''Memphis.''

His win was a happy surprise. (''Kiss Me, Kate's'' ''Too Darn Hot'' was such a highlight & Warren Carlyle had won Outer Critics & Drama Desk.)

In his speech, Trujillo paid tribute to his ''Ain't Too Proud'' family, but also his Colombian one. He said he came to America many years ago as an illegal immigrant and that he's proof that the American dream is still alive. He wrapped up with a section in Spanish (that perhaps someone else here can translate). And before he did that, Trujillo saluted Jack Noseworthy, his husband, whom he says he's known for 30 years.

Going from ''Proud'' to pride, it was so touching to see Mart Crowley win a Tony for the 50th anniversary revival of his ''The Boys in the Band'' and then to see him pay tribute to its original cast. What a journey it's been. I doubt that Crowley could've ever imagined that his landmark gay play would become a Broadway hit with an all openly-gay cast, let alone that he'd win a Tony for it. (And ''The Boys in the Band'' opened LAST May … over a year ago, and still won a top production Tony. Is that some of record?) And soon, the ''Boys'' will be back on film, only this time on Netflix.
Link 2019 Tony Awards: Best Choreography - Sergio Trujillo (''Ain't Too Proud'')

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